how it all started

A sorority is described as a group of girls or women associated for a common purpose. The shared motive and ambition behind The Travel Sorority (TTS) is to encourage, inspire and empower female travel all over the world. 

There are a number of reasons why The Travel Sorority was created:

For Myself: As selfish as it may sound, it is simply the truth. As a female in her 20s, who has never travelled solo, the prospect of packing up my life and getting on a one way flight across the world is extremely exciting - yet daunting. TTS is therefore a means to alleviate the anxiety and doubt that occasionally creeps in. By documenting and sharing my personal experience, as well as those of other female travellers, this journey feels less like a solo mission and more like a united adventure.

My little sister: I have a younger sister and one day she may choose to travel the world. If she does, it is my wish and hope that she will have the confidence to follow her dreams. It is also my hope that TTS will offer her the extra encouragement, tips and advise to help her along the way. 

Sororities: During my time at University, I spent a semester studying in America. There, I met girls who were members of sororities and I was immediately attracted to the idea of belonging to a large female network. I think women are too often stereotyped as being competitive and critical of each other. In my experience women are kind, caring and loyal. There is little we can’t accomplish when we support and empower one another, therefore, I would personally love to be surrounded by fellow females chasing their dreams. 

Other Travel Blogs and Websites: I have been dreaming about travelling for years now. During this time, I have been living vicariously through the tales of those exploring the world and sharing their stories online. As their words, photographs and videos motivated me to pursue my own travel aspirations, I hope my content will also inspire others in a similar way. Additionally, I have found immense value in the advise, reviews, tips and tricks that other travellers have shared, therefore I hope to contribute to the online exchange of travel guidance. 

Sharing is Caring: I can foresee that one of the downsides of travelling solo, will be not being able to share every moment of the journey with someone else. Don’t get me wrong, I know this is also the beauty of travelling on your own, however, it is nice to reminisce with people who have experienced the same things as you. In a way, this website will serve as my portable travelling partner. A constant companion and confidant to whom I will divulge my travel tales, tips and tantrums to. 

The value in creating: As much as I can’t wait to spend months having the time of my life, I know what I am like - I always need to have something ‘to do’. I was one of those children who, by mid August couldn’t wait to go back to school…I am now one of those adults who can’t spend more than a day watching TV without starting to question one’s existence. It is important to me to always be progressing in one way or another, therefore the creation and curation of this website, will provide me with the perfect excuse to continue learning and developing new skills whilst I take an ‘extended break’ from full time employment.    

Staying in contact: Goes without saying that one of the main benefits of this website is that I will be able to keep my family, friends and who ever else may be interested updated with where I am going, what I am doing and who I am meeting along the way.


the creator of the travel sorority 

My name is Veronica, I am 20…something. My passport is Italian, my accent is English. My degree is in Psychology and my work experience in Financial Services. My maths is bad, my singing voice even worst! I really like cooking and I absolutely LOVE dining (sounds more elegant than eating). 

A reoccurring entry on my yearly ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ list, along with ‘get fit’ and ‘take make-up off every night’ has always been ‘Go travelling’. My struggle to run more than a mile and the stains on my pillow will tell you that two out of the three resolutions are still a “work in progress” one however, will soon transition on to my treasured list of Lifetime Achievements!  

A one way flight from London Heathrow to Auckland New Zealand on the 18th January 2016 will start my first solo travel trip. The extent of my initial plan is to visit New Zealand, Australia, and South East Asia for as long as my budget will allow. As I explore the world and experience the highs (and possible lows) of travel, I will document and share my adventures on this website both to have a memoir of my travels and to offer encouragement, tips and advise to any other ladies out there wanting to embark on a similar escapade.  

Veronica x